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Commercial contract disputes

Suppliers letting you down?

Whose terms and conditions apply to a transaction?

Doing business requires a wide range of arrangements with other organisations to ensure that the supply chain operates smoothly. However, at each stage there is scope for something to go wrong and relationships may turn sour if a satisfactory solution cannot be achieved quickly.

The Myers & Co dispute resolution solicitors are experienced in a wide range of contractual disputes ranging from supplier or distributor arrangements, through to intellectual property infringement or professional negligence claims. Whatever the nature of your dispute, it is beneficial to seek legal advice early to prevent problems escalating unnecessarily.

Disputes over contracts can be expensive, stressful and time consuming – more importantly they can usually be avoided by ensuring that you have properly drawn up terms and conditions of business.

Before you sign any new commercial contract, our lawyers can make sure you understand the express and implied terms of the contractual arrangement you are entering into and that your interests are protected. We may even be able to negotiate amendments to the contract that save you time and money later.

If a dispute arises over a contract with a supplier, client or business partner, we offer many forms of dispute resolution and debt recovery services that could help you to avoid drawn-out and expensive court proceedings. We have a high rate of success through the processes of mediation, arbitration and adjudication that help you maintain an ongoing working relationship whilst settling the dispute.

Depending on the circumstances you may be able to insist on specific performance, terminate the contract and claim compensation.

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, our specialist solicitors have helped resolve a wide range of business disputes. For further advice contact Myers & Co on 01782 577000.


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