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EmployerAssist has been designed to give you as an employer a fixed-cost anxiety-free solution to the worries of the increasing amount of employment law litigation facing all organisations who employ staff.

EmployerAssist is a specialist service from experienced employment law professionals. We understand that employment disputes are not only a financial risk but also a severe business disruption, so we don’t just cover you at a tribunal, we actively seek to keep you out of tribunal altogether.

EmployerAssist has been launched as we recognize that you need expert advice when it comes to employer/employee relations but also understand you need to carefully manage your budget for these legal services.

With EmployerAssist you will be assigned an employment law specialist who you will deal with throughout so that you won’t need to explain things time after time to a different call centre representative. Your specialist will know you and your business and will audit your existing employment documentation from the outset to make sure that you are 100% compliant.

EmployerAssist Services include:

Annual Audit

We will review your employee contracts, policies, procedures, handbooks and Terms & Conditions once a year and subject to your approval, provide any redrafts where necessary quickly and efficiently.

Document Database

You will have access to our database of contract documents, policies, practice notes, briefings and templates.

Employment Law Updates

We will give you regular updates on employment law changes with clear explanations as to how they could impact on your business.


You will have direct contact with our employment law specialists providing you with one-to-one advice on the telephone or via email, whenever you need it.

Tribunal Indemnity Insurance

You will have the benefit of legal expenses insurance that covers you for both the cost of us representing you in defending a tribunal claim and for any awards made against you, up to £250,000 per claim and a total of £1 million per year.

Fixed Price

A 12 month agreement with the flexibility for you to pay via monthly or other instalments of your choice without a credit charge.

Our EmployerAssist service can also be specifically tailored to meet your requirements and budget if you don’t want all of the services or want additional services. For example, a common request from our clients is for a couple of hours of employment law training for managers to be included.

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, our specialist employment solicitors offer independent legal advice and representation on all types of employment law problems.  To find out more, contact us on 01782 577000.


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