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A Day in the Life in the Conveyancing Team

13th March 2024

A Day in the Life in the Conveyancing Team

Some may say a day in the life of a Conveyancer could be pretty mundane, however no file is the same, no client is the same and therefore no day is ever the same!  


As Conveyancers we deal with a large variety of properties, clients, fellow Conveyancers and emotions in a fast-paced environment this keeps day to day life varied, which some may describe as a rollercoaster!  


We pride ourselves on assisting clients make one of the biggest decisions/investments of their life and each and every client and property have their own unique journey.  


Our day can often start a lot earlier than usual attending local networking events to meet with local like-minded businesses to discuss how we can assist each other’s companies. This of course has to be accompanied by plenty of coffee and a full English break to help with the 6.30am starting time!  


I am happy to say however my standard day ordinarily does not start until 8.30am when I arrive at the office.  


I enjoy starting the day with a morning coffee and a good morning to my fellow colleagues, this gets me started for the day and helps with the team ethos. We are a tight knit team and a smile in the morning often goes a long way!  


I will then proceed to log on and start by checking my calendar to review any appointments I may have throughout the day. This allows me to plan my day and roughly decide what tasks will be completed.  


I continue to check my emails as another introductory task in my day, whereby I can prioritise anything we needs to be dealt with as a matter of urgency.  


At 9am the phone lines will open and there often is a first flurry of phone calls from a mix of contacts for initial updates of the day, such as clients, estate agents and financial advisors.  


My mornings are often taken up by completions as we pride ourselves by ensuring that clients completing their property transaction are kept well informed and prepared for the final steps.  


I ensure to keep well hydrated with water and enjoy a few treats from our team fruit bowl!  


We try to ensure our clients transactions complete as soon as possible in the day to enable them time to move into their new property and be ready to relax for their first night in their new home! Ordinarily we would have hoped to have passed the happy news by lunchtime which allows us to then move onto the work pile of everyday tasks.  


At lunchtime, I will ordinarily join my colleagues for a walk around the local park for some fresh air and to blow the cobwebs away! However, the British weather doesn’t always permit this and alternatively I will stay in the office and read a book from our office book shelf! 


Throughout the afternoon I will complete a variation of tasks on ongoing transactions, such as reviewing the documents received on new matters and raise any required enquiries, whilst also reviewing replies to enquiries which have been received in from third parties.  


I pride myself on being approachable and therefore if any clients request a face-to-face appointment, I am happy to arrange these to put any queries the clients may have at rest. I will often book appointments for the afternoon which allows me to prepare anything required in readiness.  


Towards the end of the afternoon, I will review the remainder of my emails and organise further tasks ready for the next day. I will also ensure completions are set up in readiness for the next day, so we are ready to go full steam ahead in the morning! 


As the working day comes to an end, I will often wind down at the gym before returning home to cook and catch up with my fiancé about our days, however some days call for a chilled evening at home with a glass of wine to relax!  


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