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Spring 2023 newsletter

In this issue:

  • Legal considerations after being diagnosed with a life-limiting illness;
  • Increasing rent and tenancy disputes;
  • Advice on investing during turbulent times; and
  • Meet our two new solicitors.

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Spring 2022 newsletter

In this issue:

  • Leaving a charitable legacy
  • Improving our accessibility
  • The hidden costs of leasehold property
  • Regaining possession of a buy-to-let property

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Spring 2021 newsletter

In this issue:

  • Improving our accessibility
  • Welcoming our new head of conveyancing Rachel Silvester
  • Applying to become a deputy when power of attorney is no longer an option
  • Buying a home with friends or family
  • Moving a with-profits pension – is it safe?

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Autumn 2020 newsletter

In this issue:

  • A careful return to Price Street
  • Why use a legal expert for probate and estate administration?
  • Putting your house on the market during the pandemic
  • Welcoming Joanna Convey to the business law team

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Winter 2019 newsletter

In this issue:

  • Welcoming Jacqueline Morris to the commercial property team
  • Putting client satisfaction first
  • Making a will when you retire
  • Five considerations when buying a leasehold property
  • Funding your retirement

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Spring 2019 newsletter

In this issue:

  • Meet our new commercial property lawyer
  • Valuing an estate for probate
  • Maximise your pension allowances ‘while stocks last’
  • Help to Buy – beware of some cracks in the structure

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Guide to being an executor and obtaining probate 

Being an executor of someone’s estate can be particularly challenging, especially if the person who has died is a family member or loved one. Administering an estate is a difficult job and involves many tasks including settling inheritance and dealing with potential challenges to the will.

Click here to get a copy of our guide to the administration process when someone dies.

Autumn 2018 newsletter

In this issue:

  • Meet two new members of the team
  • Putting your legal affairs in order
  • A penny saved is a penny earned
  • Request your free client guide
  • Considerations when buying a heritage property

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Guide to safeguarding your inheritance

Looking to make a will? Unsure of your options? Myers & Co solicitors in Staffordshire have created a fantastic new guide that takes you through some of the potential issues you might face when creating a will, how best to protect your inheritance, and how to make sure your property and personal possessions go to the right places.

Click here to get a copy of our guide to safeguarding your inheritance.

Guide to the conveyancing process

The Myers & Co Solicitors guide to the conveyancing process answers all the questions you may have.  The guide covers two stages:
Prior to exchanging contracts; and exchange of contracts.

Click here to get a copy of our guide to buying or selling your home.

Guide to creating a lasting power of attorney

Worried about losing mental capacity? Appointing a lasting power of attorney will guarantee your family peace of mind in the event you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself.

Our brand-new guide answers some frequently asked questions and guides you through the process as well as common issues with making a lasting power of attorney.

Click here to get a copy of our guide to making a lasting power of attorney.

Spring 2018 newsletter

In this issue:

  • Springing into action for 2018
  • What type of will do I need?
  • Planning your retirement?
  • Pension pot options explained…
  • Good news for first time buyers…

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Autumn 2017 newsletter

In this issue:

  • New inheritance tax rules explained
  • Inheritance disputes and how to avoid them
  • Where is your will stored?
  • Investment portfolio management
  • Don’t let the risk of flooding affect your house purchase

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Spring 2017 newsletter

In this issue:

  • A warm welcome to Andrew Willott
  • Stepchildren and considerations when making a will
  • Is your will enough? Why you may need a letter of wishes
  • What to do when someone dies
  • Five things to consider when buying a new build home.

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Autumn 2016 newsletter

In this issue:

  • Introducing Sarah Everton and Hannah Kennedy
  • How to avoid problems with probate
  • Inheritance disputes on the rise
  • Have you been accused of misconduct?
  • Six ways to speed up your house purchase

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Spring 2016 newsletter

In this issue:

  • Myers & Co celebrate their 10th anniversary in style
  • Is it time your will had a health check?
  • How to protect your children’s inheritance.
  • Elderly relative going into care?
  • Challenging a will.
  • Buying a home: joint tenants or tenants in common?

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Autumn 2015 newsletter

In this issue:

  • Myers launch state of the art website
  • Good news for married couples – inheritance tax to go up to £1million
  • More flexibility with your pension pot – should you spend or save?
  • Estranged daughter wins share of mother’s estate
  • New EU regulations on inheriting property abroad

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Spring 2015 newsletter

In this issue:

  • Edward Adams joins Myers & Co
  • New intestacy rules explained
  • Do not delay making a lasting power of attorney
  • Are your website terms and conditions up to scratch?
  • Keeping up to date on October 2014 employment law changes
  • Your guide to conveyancing searches

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Autumn 2014 newsletter

In this issue:

  • East Cheshire Business Award success
  • Welcome Aaron Barker and Amanda Eptlett
  • Is giving away your home to avoid care fees a good idea?
  • Planning for your century
  • Probate fraud is on the rise
  • Making a formal complaint at work
  • Property development – back to basics

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Intestacy rules

Who will inherit your assets if you die without making a will?

If you pass away without making a will then the state will decide what happens to your assets.

Use the flowchart to see who will inherit from you.

Click here to see the intestacy chart in detail.


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