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Co-parents’ guide to tackling the back-to-school blues

16th August 2023

Co-parents’ guide to tackling the back-to-school blues

The lead up to September usually means a rush to track down uniforms, stationery and the like. It’s never an easy time for parents. Trying to balance childcare responsibilities, keeping the little ones busy and active, and having to prepare for a new school year is a lot to juggle. For separated parents, trying to navigate this as well as co-parenting can sometimes lead to conflict.

Whilst back to school stress is nothing new, it has most certainly been more strenuous due to the ongoing strikes that have led to many parents having to make last-minute arrangements. Parents already have a lot on their plate and so it is important to try to avoid other issues that may add anxiety or worry for separated parents. As children return to school, parents need to be able to work together and focus on what is important; the children and their education.

Making arrangements for children

It is usually the case that arrangements for children change after separation, with parents sometimes having different ideas of what is in their children’s best interests. Likewise, parents can sometimes have different views on what school their children should attend or who should pay for school trips and uniforms. Conversations around these issues can sometimes become hostile, especially if left until the final hour.

Our aim is always to try to resolve matters between parties as amicably and quickly as possible. The starting point is to negotiate to see if agreement can be reached and, more often than not, this is possible. That being said, if agreement is not possible, there are applications that can be made to Court for Orders relating to the arrangements for the children and/or their education, where appropriate. In certain cases, there may also be the potential to apply to Court to deal with any issues surrounding the funding of a child’s school fees.

At Myers & Co, we acknowledge that each family is different and that separated parents sometimes have conflicting views or opinions. However, it is important to know where you stand and to not leave negotiations until the last minute. There is no better time than the present to attempt to resolve any issues regarding the arrangements for your children to ensure that they are able to start the new school year happy and with ease.

How can we help?

Call Sarah Johnson today on 01782 525006 if you are seeking advice or mediation to settle a conflict with a co-parent. Getting the children back into their routines is stressful enough-you shouldn’t have to be worried about settling conflicts with a co-parent by yourself, too.