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Making a will through a window, in a garden, on a bench …

indoors-1868748_1920When our clients have needed to finalise their wills or other legal documents during the lockdown, our wills and probate team have travelled far and wide across North Staffordshire to get documents signed and witnessed without running the risk of infection for our clients or staff.

Stephen Myers produced a set of detailed instructions to enable them to do so with ‘a will through a window’, although we have also seen wills witnessed in gardens, on benches and on a car bonnet.

With illness and death on the news each day, it is natural to want to put our affairs in order.  However, it is important that a will is executed properly, or it may be invalid.   If your affairs are at all complicated (such as with a portfolio of investments) then it is also important to ensure it is drafted by an experienced solicitor.

‘We have all had to adapt to the coronavirus situation.  Our clients have been very diligent in following our advice and guidelines, and the process has worked very well’ said Stephen Myers who is managing director and head of private client services.

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