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Regaining possession of a buy-to-let property

14th November 2022

Regaining possession of a buy-to-let property

There can be variety of reasons why someone becomes a landlord; this could be as an investment or because they own a property that they do not need to live in.

There can also be several reasons why a landlord may want to recover possession of their property. They may need a property back to meet their own housing need or for redevelopment, to sell it, or they just no longer want to be a landlord.

Currently a landlord can seek possession without needing to have a particular reason (a ‘no fault’ eviction) by serving a ‘section 21’ notice. The future of this option is uncertain though as there are currently plans under the Renters’ Reform Bill to abolish this route and to bring in other reforms to tenancies.

A landlord may also wish to recover possession because they have a tenant who is in arrears or breaching terms of the tenancy agreement.

Recovering possession of a property by a landlord requires the landlord to give the appropriate notice and then issue court proceedings to obtain an order for possession if the tenant does not leave on expiry of the notice.

Whatever the circumstances, the rules regarding repossession and eviction are complex but our experienced dispute resolution solicitors can assist and can advise you on:

If you are a landlord who wants to regain possession of a rental property in the near future, you can contact Sarah Everton on 01782 525012 for an informal discussion about the situation and your objectives. We have received some excellent feedback from recent clients, one said:

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