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Commercial property sales

Selling your business premises?

Wish to optimise the value of your commercial land?

Negotiating the best price will be at the forefront of all sale negotiations whether for agricultural land, business premises or property development. There may be planning consent to finalise, or easements and rights of way to ascertain or overage clawback conditions to negotiate.

If you are selling a business which includes commercial premises, you will need to take care that its proper value is achieved as part of the deal.

Myers & Co experienced commercial property solicitors know how to optimise the sale value on your business property and get the best return for you. They can advise you on measures to increase the value, and constructively guide you on how to go about it without jeopardizing the sale.

We will prepare the contract for sale and supporting documents for you. We can also help you collect retrospective evidence of planning permissions, create succession of title deeds and formalise casual agreements that affect the property into rights to pass on to the buyer.

For further advice on selling your business premises or getting a valuation on commercial land, contact Richard Morgan in our commercial property department on 01782 525027 or email him at richard.morgan@myerssolicitors.co.uk.


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