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Property licences

Setting up a pop-up shop?

Need time to set up your commercial unit?

Granting a temporary licence can be a hassle-free way of regulating your short-term commercial property arrangements. It can be particularly useful for the period between exchange and completion where the new owner wants to occupy the property. It can also be used to govern the temporary occupation of a property before a lease agreement is signed, which allows the new business to make preparations to trade.

At Myers and Co, our solicitors have extensive experience of negotiating rent-free periods or temporary licences that suit the needs of your business.


Offering tenants a licence to occupy your commercial property before the lease is complete, is one way of making it the most attractive prospect on the market. Letting agents are often keener to encourage negotiations with landlords who are flexible and understand the needs of tenants.


Negotiating a licence to occupy allows you to get ahead of the game and get your business up and running as soon as possible. Gaining access to the property even before the lease is signed gives you time to set up your retail unit or install plant and machinery before incurring rent.

If you are opening a pop-up shop, a temporary licence is the ideal way to secure access to a retail unit; giving you the flexibility you need without onerous leasehold conditions.

For further advice on obtaining a temporary licence for your business or commercial project, contact Richard Morgan in our commercial property department on 01782 525027 or email him at richard.morgan@myerssolicitors.co.uk.


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