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Copyright protection

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Do your written materials have copyright protection?

Has someone copied your designs?

Protecting your copyright and designs is key to securing a competitive advantage in any business. It is particularly important in manufacturing and engineering, the software industry and in the creative sectors such as publishing, media and fashion.

Many business owners create a wide range of original works on a routine basis. These generally attract automatic protection under copyright laws in the UK and may include:

  • reports, manuals, articles, brochures
  • photographs, drawings, diagrams
  • computer programmes and the compilation of databases
  • musical compositions and scripts.

Your copyright works are valuable to your business and may constitute your products or form part of your services. They may support marketing or other commercial initiatives and provide website content.

Within the UK, subject to certain exceptions, you are entitled to prohibit infringements of copyright, such as the alteration of written reports, without your permission. If you have a website or overseas business interests or contacts, your works may be made available for potential use by others worldwide. It is therefore essential to protect your copyright and manage the use of your works overseas.

Our intellectual property experts can help you with:

  • licensing and assignment
  • defending against allegations of infringement
  • protection or enforcement of your rights
  • ownership disputes.

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, our specialist team has helped a wide range of businesses to protect and exploit their intellectual property. For further advice contact Myers & Co Solicitors on 01782 577000.

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