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Landlord and tenant disputes

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Advising landlords

Disputes can arise between residential landlords and their tenants for a wide range of reasons. Each party will have legal rights which arise from the terms of the tenancy agreement and their statutory rights and protections, and so it is important to seek expert legal advice as soon as possible.

Our civil dispute solicitors act for landlords and tenants, and are experienced in resolving disputes relating to tenancy agreements, including:

  • residential property repossessions;
  • problems with the property, its facilities or management;
  • breach of agreement terms or obligations;
  • repairs and service charges;
  • rent level or arrears;
  • return of a deposit;
  • termination of a tenancy (such as on notice or possession); or
  • nuisance behaviour by landlords, tenants, or neighbours.

We also advise landlords on other disputes which might arise from their property investment, such as problems about:

  • rights of way or access;
  • breaches of covenant;
  • adverse possession;
  • construction and development.

We always look for a pragmatic and cost-effective solution to resolving a dispute at an early stage if possible. However, if required, we can also take your case through the courts and have an excellent record in helping our clients to get results.

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, our specialist housing solicitors offer independent legal advice and representation on all types of housing law problems. To find out more, contact our housing law solicitors or call Myers & Co Solicitors on 01782 577000.

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